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International trade consultants for US import & US export

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Nevada District Export Council








What We Do:

We provide international trade consulting services for US import and US export transactions, including use of Las Vegas-based international trade shows as part of an import or export marketing plan where appropriate.  Read more about us.

International Trade Services:

Whether you are importing into the US or exporting from the US, international trade transactions face a myriad of requirements and potential problems beyond those applicable to transactions in the country of origin.  At a minimum, all the business steps required in the country of origin exist in the destination country--with variations--along with the logistical and customs considerations that result when international borders are crossed.

A market analysis of, and marketing plan for penetrating, the destination country is essential for economic success, as is attention to the customary business details in the new jurisdiction.  False starts are particularly expensive in the international arena.  Whether you are a non-US company trying to enter the US marketplace, or a US company that wants to expand its market abroad, we can help you make this transition on the matters that you do not have the ability to handle effectively in-house.  Read more about our trade services.

International Trade Shows:

Las Vegas Import Export is strategically located (from both a US and global perspective) in Las Vegas, Nevada with its world class international trade infrastructure of hotels, convention and airport facilities, and its favorable tax and business climates.  Las Vegas is the most cost effective location for international traders to exhibit to, or meet, major US and non-US manufacturers, distributors and buyers.

We can help you efficiently and effectively exhibit your products, or meet makers or distributors of the products you need, at a Las Vegas trade show.  Read more about trade shows.

Foreign Currency:

See our Currency Converter page for a link to help you determine and track currency exchange rates and fluxuations.

Foreign Languages:

If English is not your native language, or if you would like to translate from English into other languages, see our Non-English Language page for links to free web site and text translation software.

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