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Crossing Borders More Than Doubles Your Business Problems:

The days of the clipper ships are gone--but modern variations of the international trade problems remain.  All of the business steps you need to take for success in your country of origin exist in your new destination country, but with variations--along with the logistical and customs considerations that result when international borders are crossed.

Such needs include business plans, demographic, industry and marketing research, marketing plans and networks, service networks, shipping, warehousing, insurance, finance, foreign currency, treaties, immigration, customs, legal, accounting and tax matters.

False starts are particularly expensive in the international arena.  Whether you are a non-US company trying to enter the US marketplace, or a US company that wants to expand its market abroad, we can help you make this transition on the matters that you do not have the ability to handle effectively in-house.

US Import:

Non-US businesses entering the US face a variety of regulatory, business and cultural differences.  Don't let your product fail to penetrate the US market because your business and marketing plans do not correctly perceive and effectively address subtle variations in the US market, or because you cannot timely relocate your key personnel to the US.

In addition to fundamental regulatory, business and social differences that must be addressed for a successful entry into the US business main stream, there are often overlooked planning opportunities that can provide substantial benefits for those who know how to apply them.

Many US Treaties offer potential tax and foreign commerce incentives, and use of US Customs-Bonded Warehouses, Foreign Trade Zones, and other techniques can provide significant financial savings. For example, establishment of a US Foreign Trade Zone could significantly reduce otherwise applicable US customs tariffs and defer tariff payment until an actual US sale following US assembly.

We can help you develop and implement a complete US import business plan, or handle those items on which you lack experience and in-house capabilities.  One way to accelerate your US market penetration is by taking advantage of International Trade ShowsContact us to discuss your proposed transactions.

US Export:

The same concepts apply to US companies that want to market their products abroad.  How will your basics hold up across the border?  Will your insurance coverages apply?  Is your warehousing point secure?  Will your lender's LOC be recognized?  How will you handle foreign currency fluxuations in your contracts?  Will your shipper connect with the final FOB point?   Who will market and service your products, and how?

Do your business and marketing plans properly consider local demographics and cultural differences?  Have you properly considered local legal, accounting, tax, and entry customs laws, practices and treaties?  Can you place your key personnel in the foreign country?

On the US export side, we can help you effectively utilize one of the most powerful and cost-effective resources in the world--the Commercial Services Division of the US Department of Commerce.  With an extensive team of international trade professionals organized by industry specialties in over 250 offices in 85 countries world-wide, we can help you utilize the Divisions many programs to jump start your entry into virtually any foreign market.

The US government would like you to expand your market potential by going abroad--and we can show you how to accomplish that goal.  Whether you need a complete US export business plan, or limited help on those items for which you lack experience and in-house capabilities, Contact us to discuss your proposed transactions.

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