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Why Use Trade Shows?

Most industries and business affiliations sponsor trade shows to allow members to efficiently exhibit their products or services and give potential buyers a convenient place to view the latest offerings.  These are perfect vehicles for international trade transactions.

If you want to export into a country, exhibiting at the relevant trade shows held there is a quick way to meet your major potential buyers--and to size up your competition.

If you want to import products from a country, attending the relevant trade shows held there will likewise put you in touch with the key industry players--and to see who else is there to do the same thing.

Why Las Vegas Trade Shows?

With so many trade shows offered in so many locations through out the US and world-wide, not all can be exhibited at or attended by even the largest companies.  Las Vegas is simply the most cost-effective location for international traders to exhibit to or meet major US and foreign manufacturers, distributors and buyers.

The Commercial Services Division of the US Department of Commerce has recognized this by assigning an officer here specifically to facilitate attendance by foreign buyers at trade shows.  Why would the US government agency take this unprecedented step?

Las Vegas is centrally located (from a US and global perspective) in the fastest growing US metropolitan area.  Las Vegas has an already substantial, yet still rapidly expanding, international infrastructure second to none globally.  It has passed Chicago as the world's largest provider of Convention Sites, and hosts the most large-scale events as well as the largest number of overall events.  This infrastructure includes the highest concentration of world class hotels and convention facilities anywhere, an expansive array of readily available food, beverage and entertainment venues, and one of the world's most modern international airports, which is already undergoing another series of expansions planned at the existing McCarran International Airport and the new Ivanpah International Airport for major air cargo and Foreign Trade Zone facilities.

Other Las Vegas attributes make it attractive to US and non-US businesses:  Favorable tax and business (as well as weather) climates have caused many leading domestic US businesses to relocate storage, manufacturing and service facilities in Nevada.  The State and local governments here actively promote US and non-US based business through a variety of State and federal agencies and private organizations.

Contact us with your US import or US export goals and we will help you find or develop a cost-efficient Las Vegas trade show match to find the products or buyers you want.

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